“Winning a Ferrari-$100,000″ part 3 – From Delaney’s Blog

We’re ecstatic that Delaney is enjoying her prize money. We’re even more excited by the fact that she’s sharing her experience with us through her blog! Last week, we shared part 1 and 2 of her “Winning a Ferrari-$100,000″ blog series. Well, now, we bring to you part 3, which mentions that she’s going to be flying out to LA to hang with us here at ROAR.

On top of that (brace yourselves, car lovers) Deepak is going to let her and her husband ride around in the Ferrari for a little bit and have their pictures taken inside of it.

There’s also details as to where she’s going to be spending some of that cash: JAMAICA!

Oh, we’re jealous much, Delaney! We hope you enjoy your trip(s)!